Welcome to EDF's 37th Season!


Whether it is your first year with us or your fifteenth we thank you for choosing Edmonton Dance Factory this season. Each year we strive to provide a dance experience for each student that allows our dancers to develop not only dance technique but poise, grace, coordination and self confidence that will help them to succeed wherever life takes them. In each of our programs we strive to:

  • Promote confidence and self-discipline through the art of dance

  • Promote proper body posture and physical development of our dancers

  • To offer all full year dancers the opportunity to perform and experience the personal reward of being on stage

This package contains your student registration procedures; the 2019-2020 fee schedule; and the dance attire for the upcoming year.

Attending a registration night is only necessary if you need to make a class change that cannot be done online. All Preschool/Primary/Beg1 class changes may also be done online. Registration nights will be held on Thursday August 8th & Wednesday August 21st from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Classes commence Tuesday September 3rd, 2019.

We are looking forward to beginning another wonderful year of dance.

Please see below for updates to our registration procedures and policies for 2019-2020. If you have any questions the best way to get ahold of us during the summer is by email to : dance@edmontondancefactory.com.


The registration fee for 2019-2020 is $50 for the 1st dancer, $25 for the second with a family max of $90 (GST included). The registration fee includes a DVD/digital copy of the 2019-2020 recital. Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE. Please submit your registration fee at time of registration to hold your spot in the class(es). Registration fees can be paid by e-transfer to dance@edmontondancefactory.com or by PayPal online (follow prompts).


You can access your account information at any time throughout the dance season. By signing into your account you can check status, payments, charges and any personal info. Select “all rows” and it will show all charges and payments for the year as well as any balance owing at the end of the year.

Your email is used to communicate news about the dance program (in the form of a monthly newsletter), your account status, statements and other important class/teacher information – we do not share email addresses with anyone. The email address listed on your account is where your email will be sent – please make sure that your account is set to “send emails to family” otherwise you will not receive any email communication from the studio for any reason. You may include multiple emails if you would like.

If during the year any of your personal information changes, please go online to your account and make the change(s).


The season runs for 36 weeks (September – June) and fees are divided equally among 9 months of classes to provide a consistent monthly fee. Tuition for full year classes can be paid monthly (a total of 9 months), quarterly (3 months at a time) or annually. Our fees are based on total family hours, our fee sheet for our 2019-2020 season which was attached to the documents that you received upon registration. All fees include GST.

Registration payments must be made at time of registration to hold your spot in classes and are separate from the fees below. The remainder of fees based on hours enrolled are due your first class. Subsequent payments must be made by the first of every month and can be made online or in our office. Payment can be by cash, cheque, debit, credit or e-transfer to dance@edmontondancefactory.com. No refunds on tuition will be made after March 1.

Costume deposits will be added to your accounts on September 1. Costume deposits are based on level. Unused portion of costume deposits will be returned to your account in June 2020.


Dancewear is available for purchase on the EDF site. We work to ensure that prices are very competitive and purchases will be shipped directly to your home. Items can be purchased separately or as part of a package for your class. During the summer the website will be updated with items for ALL ages and disciplines. The dress attire for 2019-2020 is below. If you have leotards & tights from a previous class you do not need to purchase. If you wish to wait for the used shoe swap (Saturday, September 7) you may attend your first classes without shoes.

Additional places to purchase dancewear include:

OnStage Dancewear: 10004 79 Ave NW

All 4 Dance: 16332 111 Ave/8135 Roper Road

And All That Jazz: 1080B Strathcona Drive, Sherwood Park

Hair must be worn tied up off face for all classes and in a ballet bun with no bangs for all ballet.

Preschool – PS1 and PS2 (note: combo classes or those taking jazz/ballet and tap require both shoes):

Jazz/Ballet: Pink tank or short sleeve leotard, white dance tights, white slipper (gymnastics or ballet)

Tap: Pink tank or short sleeve leotard, white dance tights and black tap shoes


Primary/Grade 1/Grade 2: black tank leotard, beige tights (Capezio Light Suntan), Black tap shoes

Grade 3/Grade 4/Grade 5: beige tap shoes, beige tights (Capezio Light Suntan)

Open Tech/Routine: black tap shoes


Primary: Beige jazz shoes, beige tights (Capezio Light Suntan), any colour leotard

Beginner Level: Beige jazz shoes, beige tights (Capezio Light Suntan), tight fitted clothing (leggings, tanks)


Primary: pink tank leotard, ballet pink tights (Capezio ballet pink), pink ballet slippers with elastic

Junior Level: navy tank leotard, ballet pink tights (Capezio ballet pink), pink ballet slippers with elastic

Intermediate/Advanced: black tank leotard, ballet pink tights (Capezio ballet pink), shoes to be discussed

Hip Hop:

All levels: CLEAN indoor running shoes, comfortable clothing

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