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EDF offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Improv, Musical Theatre and Vocals. The curriculum is designed to provide beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers with a solid foundation in technique and to assist those who wish to become a professional dancer or those who study for the pure enjoyment of the art form.

Pre-School Classes (3-5 year olds)

1/2 hour long. Two classes are offered: Pre-school tap and pre-school jazz/ballet combination. Weekday 1 hour Combo Classes in Tap, Jazz & Ballet are offered. Students work in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Primary Classes

​45 minutes long. Three Classes are offered: Primary ballet, primary tap and beginner jazz. For 5 year olds with previous dance experience.

Tap Classes

using the Al Gilbert Syllabus on sound and rhythm combinations created through the feet using specially designed shoes with metal taps. For students 6 years and older.

Jazz Classes

focus on the body line, iscolations, muscle tone, and flexibility of the torso, turn, and jump technique, floorwork and combinations. The style is ever changing as is the upbeat pop music used in the class. For students 6 years and older.

Ballet Classical

technique in R.A.D. and Vaganova. The foundation of every form of dance, every dancer should have a ballet background to develope discipline, posture, body strength, stamina and poise. For students 6 years and older.

Pointe Classes

for ballet students enrolled in a minimum of 2 classical techniques per week and a minimum of 3 years classical study. For students 12 years and older.

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Hip Hop Classes

offer exciting new dance styles which can be seen on popular video productions. Used as a great body strengthening technique, dancers will learn the fundementals of hip hop and progress through to advanced moves.

Lyrical Classes

teach a blend of ballet with jazz and a fusion of contemporary techniques. Students interested in lyrical must be registered in either ballet or jazz class.

Musical Theatre Classes

are performance-based offering an opportunity for students to experience musical theatre performance. Instruction will include acting, singing, and choreography in preparation for a routine that will be performed throughout the season.

Stretch Classes

for overall stretching and strengthening allowing each participant to progress at his/her own level. Breathing exercises are incorporated into the program.

Jumps and Turns

teach and perfect the elements to perform different leaps and jumps such as axles, split leaps, side Russians and more. In turns students will focus on proper body alignment and control learning how to make a single turn into a series of turns.


classes are offered following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Classes focus on flexibility, strength and balance. For students 4 years and older.

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