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What Your Studio Wants You To Know TODAY

Our dance families are the heart and soul of our studio. As we all navigate the beginning of 2021 together we are reminded that while we are all weathering the same storm, the boat that we travel in is different. So, we want to remind you that:

We see you.

We are also dancers, parents, daughters, sons, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins. We are in the trenches of these roles with you every day. We understand that there are good days and bad days and that some days; let's face it, the struggle is real. But we also see your strength, beauty and resilience and it inspires us to continue innovating, growing and learning in order to help you innovate, grow and learn more every day.

We will focus on your progress.

Progress over perfection is SO important. To move toward any goal, in any situation, you must continue to put one foot in front of the other. Some days that step may be bigger than others and sometimes you may even stumble backwards, but isn't FLEARNING (failure + learning) what's important in the end anyway? Whether your goal is personal or dance related we support you in moving towards achieving it and will celebrate each milestone on your journey. Look at the dancer, parent; human, that you were last year and look at the one you are today. Be proud of how far you have come and what you have accomplished.

We will continue to show up for you.

Whether in our virtual or physical studio we are so excited to see you every day. Seeing you is what makes our days (sometimes even our weeks) and when you don't come to class, we feel genuine concern. We know that sometimes pressing the "join meeting" button on your zoom both as a dancer or a parent is hard. But next time you hesitate just PUSH IT. There are friends on the other side. There is learning on the other side. And probably most importantly, there is support on the other side. Support from people who understand what you are going through, who have similar goals and who are going to work hard to make sure that you or your child get moving, connecting and learning every day.

Your support and trust means the world.

We can't express what it means to us that you continue to support us, trust us, believe in us, and choose us to continue your dance education with. Studios the world over have had a difficult year, and it is our dance families that keep us going. Your support is why we are so determined to make it through and come out the other side stronger and even more grateful. We want to continue to offer you dance training, family, friendship and fun for many, many years to come. And every time you click "join meeting" or show up on our doorstep you are making this a possibility. So, I think we not only speak for ourselves but for every studio owner in every corner of the world; from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU.



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